Welcome to Para Moda. We want to reassure you that your personal information and data is safe with us. We want to protect your privacy and our guidelines are in full compliance with the General Data Protection Law of the European Union. We continuously review and update previous policies to keep your data safe and fully confidential. We only provide your information to trusted third parties.

Currently, the main processor of data collection related to Para Moda is Shopify (ecommerce). Any information entered at is encrypted and secure.

Read Shopify’s Data Protection Rules here

We only collect and store your information when necessary. This happens when you actively provide us with your personal data (purchasing), and we only collect the needed information to be able to ship your order. Whenever we store data such as IP-address, website traffic and cookies, we only use this to improve our business. 

Your information is used only for the purpose for which you submitted it. As previously mentioned, we use the information for statistics in order to optimize the functionality of our website and business. 

You can edit the data you gave us at any given time. We can also delete all the information that we have collected during the interactions. Please get in touch at for any questions or requests.

Cookies are to recognize which laptop, phone or tablet you are using. They are reliable text files that don’t execute program code and can’t submit a virus or collect information about the way you use your computer.

We use cookies for overall purposes of functionality, web statistics, and marketing. The functional cookies ensure that our online store works the best possible way. None of your personal information is saved and the cookies are automatically deleted when the browser is shut down. The cookies that our partners use enable us to see things like which of our pages are visited and where that traffic comes from. We use this information to work out the best user experience and for marketing campaigns. 

If you want to change your personal cookie settings, please change it in your browser settings. This might affect the way the website works for you.